This month and year represents the freedom of women who are now independently earning their own income, and who are being re – numerated in funds and benefits equal to men; a situation which has been required for centuries. International Woman’s Day, was March 8, 2015, the day of U.N. Commemoration. It is an achievement to be proud, and to safeguard. More than this, to be financially independent, but is it being supported by all cultures? In some Islamic countries that employ foreign labour, women are insisting that they be allowed to work. It is perhaps, a culture of our times. A definition of culture is often too broad to be very useful ; for instance, we may think of culture as a body of shared knowledge, understanding, and practice. For our reasoning, a working definition that may prove more useful is to think of differences in culture as systematic variation There is no one feminism, there is no dogmatic position on issues. Feminism is and should be an ongoing dialogue among women — and men who are 50 percent of the population — on issues of special interest to women. Page 2 of 3 As long as the dialogue is civil, then disagreement is a sign of health. Dissent is a vital aspect of what keeps theory alive and true; dogma is its death. I am presenting a dissenting view: individualist feminism, or ifeminism, which is a deep and rich school within the movement.. The ideas of gender feminism are diametrically opposed to those of ifeminism, and the two schools form the extremes of theory that define the broader feminist movement itself. To illustrate this, you should ask of feminism the most fundamental question that can be asked of anything: what is it? What is feminism? Earlier I described feminism as personal liberation of women and equality with men. I now offer more formal definition. Feminism is the doctrine that states, ” Women are and should be treated as the equals of men.” It is the political movement that focuses on women and protests inequality between the sexes. “Women are the equals of men.” As simple as that statement sounds, debate is already enjoined: because what does “equality” mean? For example, does the term refer to equality under existing laws and equal representation within participating institutions, which requires only the reformation of current society? Or is the definition of equality more revolutionary? Does it require existing laws and institutions to be swept away and replaced so that society becomes different in a fundamental sense? The definition of “equality” employed is a litmus test by which various schools of feminism can be distinguished, one from the other. Page 3 of 3What has happened to the feminist movement in Jamaica? I have noticed that most women CEO’s in Jamaica, tend to employ other women in areas of trust and responsibility. Does this mean there is an instinctive desire not to trust men? Probably, only employ as far as their physical prowess is useful. Then there is a tendency for women to want children in their family, single parent or otherwise. This clearly takes away the time to manage the business, in true CEO fashion. This leads to a breakdown of discipline and management in most Companies. (543 words) © Ramesh Sujanani
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