I did not notice the new president, Barack Obama, until he came into     office. His first speech coming in to the senate was outstanding,; he had the knowledge of what was happening in the USA,  and some idea how to fix it.  He is a black man, and his country had profiled black persons for over 100 years, and this has emphasized the divisions in  US society; which now indeed have manifested  themselves.  Recently  all the good in civil  liberties  have been questioned, benefits  he  proved as a black president  to his followers, as well as other noticeable occurrences , like the capture of Osama Bin Ladin.

Among  his first problems  were the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Then he needed to find and build good foreign relationships, especially with China, Russia, India  and  other middle East countries. With Hilary Clinton and John Kerry by his side he mapped the world on a US slate, and included  many other  Eastern, Arabic, Latin States, which up to this time were not on friendly terms with the  USA; recently they encompassed Cuba.

His attitude to all his countrymen, white, black, Asian, was sincere and just, as he sought to mix America as it appeared: Giving regard to all religions, respect to all minorities, and supporting women as they strove for identity. Nothing is more finer than this. Yet he took insults and disrespect from many persons, I suppose forgiving or forgetting in the  end.

He brought up his family with dignity and self-assurance, showing the extent of his considerations.  Being  among a world-wide nation of people, he encouraged more nations and states, kings and presidents, to be as considerate to their own people.

But he was just a man; he enjoyed masculine sports and tournaments, being almost everywhere at one time, as if he had a special space-craft. No man is perfect:  Man proposes; God disposes. He made many mistakes , some  too disastrous to mention.

Yet in the final analysis, I admire the man: The sometimes rapid decisions, the balanced moves which included as many players that could help; the calls to all men in all nations for help and support when needed. The offer of help, the hand of friendship, was always there. He is coming to the end of his term, having done better than most US presidents that I can remember. I am not sure what comes next, but I hope the world will never forget that Barack Obama was once president of the United States of America. I recall a line from the original Pilgrims:

‘Whence are you coming, Pilgrims, Pilgrims, what have you brought on this bitter day: The self-same things we took away; the book, the sword, the fear of the Lord, freedom from want, hunger and fear, and who shall tell us nay”!

Let the  good survive and be bright; let darkness fade away;  this is the promise and dream that this man presents.

(501 words)   Ramesh Sujanani © 02/04/2015

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