As we are all aware the minimum requirements for a successful Cambio Transaction have tightened, in that Source of Funds explanations have now become one of the primary targets of a Cambio transaction.  In  GEM’s  situation our threshold Transactions are over 120 per average month. A single, or two cashiers at a time may not be sufficient to view any irregularity in a clients affairs as stated. We are finding that with the amount of information that we may research, and further verify, requires two additional  persons trained accordingly to be added to our sequence or process,( as our employees.)

We are of the understanding that such help, or reimbursement is available for these extra employees, Can you please assist us in the validity and access of this operational assistance?

But more important:

The abusers of SOF rules seem to be increasing, as we now looking at a new composition of immigrants; Jamaicans,  Chinese Supermarkets and Indian business traders, plus all the usual persons.

  1. Within the St. Ann’s Bay parish we are seeing an increase in local businesses, especially Supermarkets and Grocery Stores. Foreign exchange is being purchased by the operators of the businesses and

sold at a higher rate than we can  offer.  Some times the funds are sold to Cambioss, Banks, and other legally established business. But much of it is sold at random market.

This creates a decline in our supply, and creates another market at a different level. A simple cash register receipt is provided on request of the seller, which indicates that this is not a Cambio transaction and contradicts the laws of Jamaica.

We have had a meeting with certain officers in the Police service, and they have a solution under consideration, but it implies that a decision is needed from the Minister(s) and the Police High Command. It is simply to set up several transactions (per day if necessary), and lay charges on those who are caught.

Having said this, though I have personally issued warnings   verbally to the various businesses, and we were getting some cooperation, it appears now to have relaxed. We need these promulgated in addition the  approvals  from the Governor,  and/or the Minister,  and the police need the permission to act accordingly.  We are prepared to support them, however we can.

We shall appreciate a response at your discretion. You need to pass out instructions for implementation; so that the Police may act.  Whatever details we have is at your disposal.

Ramesh Sujanani



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