God as the Holy Books indicate, is the creator of Heaven and Earth, who has inspired the People of earth, to propagate under His just guidance. There are some scientific reasons for attenuating this definition, simply that God is not now in a creation cycle; He just maintains life as we know it.
Referring to Ian Boyne’s article of Sunday the 21/02/2015, Rev. Boyne goes on to say that some persons believe there is no God, but the world goes on without any influence from a higher being. So-called atheists may not believe in Jehovah God but when you examine their life patterns what you will discover is that always there is something or a belief to which they show very strong religious attitudes and to which they attribute superhuman powers. “Immorality”? Then Boyne refers to immoral and moral behaviour, so I ask how can any action be moral or immoral, without the reference we call God?
From the Theory of Evolution to the Theory of Man-made global warming we can find many popular taught and accepted belief systems which have not been scientifically proven. Some philosophies have not been through the rigors of the Scientific Protocol, they are not supported by any current observational evidence and they have not been subjected to the challenges of repeated studies; which is the gold standard of scientific research accepted in every academia. They are taught worldwide in every university and funded with hundreds of millions of dollars.

The evolution of man we contemplate as it takes place. Whatever controls his destiny, must indeed have superhuman powers and be superhumanly intelligent and thus must be some sort of GOD because there is no repeat of the process. That is the most amazingly intelligent decision in history because imagine the mayhem to be observing an Ape turning into a man or an Ape being formed from some minute creature? The force of evolutionary theory, accurately theorized that this would be too much of a shock on humans and thus decided to only have it occur once. Amazingly intelligent decision!
Do we mean to say that there is not some superhuman, unseen force that somehow programmed the millions of patterns we see on earth? The Fibonacci sequence, the sun and moon being at just the correct distance from earth to support life just happened by chance? What are the statistical odds of that happening? Who put the sun where it is? What placed the moon in its position. Whoever or what did must be a god for being so intelligent and superhuman. What causes the moon to change sizes and appearance in the same pattern it has for all its life? Who ever put them there must be superhuman and thus must be a god. If Evolution or Big Bang happened as envisaged, the theory of the evolution of man is a religious one. It absolutely possesses superhuman powers and it is must be a God to those who belief in it and have faith without no documented double blind study or current observational evidence of man evolving and growing more eyes, legs, organs and ears. That is absolutely a religion. Having faith and belief with insufficient or no physical evidence to sthappens to be religious.

Then Rev Boyne mentions Global warming and secular management in a host of issues and positions – from global warming to – secular people who clearly feel it is worthy to do good in their own lifetime. There has not been a theory on which so many blatant misinterpretations have been used to support it in the history of the world. And it is amazing that a man who identifies with Christianity has not read of the dozens of lies, frauds and deceitful programs which have been introduced to deceive the world about it.
So let us follow the Boyne logic. Lying about an unproven theory is a good thing. This in spite of data showing that fossil fuels have lengthened the lives of poor people in third world countries and improved the qualities of their lives and that colder temperatures have caused more deaths than warm temperatures, so what makes a twisted interpretation? We are coming to the conclusion that this opinion is being used to assist in the destabilization of the minds of Jamaicans. We are not sure who else sees this, but it is becoming increasingly obvious.
Ian Boyne knows of the global warming lies with their frauds and deceits. Yet he repeats some flawed article-claim with no mention of the other side. Yes clearly, destabilisation is at work. (758 words)
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There is a controversial subject that is keeping us confused, as it is the subject of many opinions and studies: Marijuana: And this subject keeps the attention of the public almost on a daily basis. The trade in marijuana promises to be profitable, but the use of the Cannabis drug appears to be injurious to human health and welfare, similar to cigarettes (now banned) and alcohol products, still active but more attenuated.
Very recently the Surgeon General of the USA Dr. Vivek is alleged to have admitted that Marijuana has some medical value. “We have some preliminary data that for certain medical conditions, Marijuana may be helpful,” an answer to a press question about its legalization.
He continued by saying that US marijuana policy should be driven by science, and whatever conclusions may be made in that forum. Though science in almost every country which grows and produces, displays an inconsistent, vacillating policies.
There are many activists who are encouraging legalization, who seem to have significant cash resources ready to support their position.

I do remember that my brother who treated many mentally disturbed patients attributed their problems to the use of this weed.
Now there is a publication put out by NIH (National Institute of Drug Abuse) concurrent with a study done by USA.,Gov about a year ago, and new studies are being conducted. But there are some interesting factors that arise from this publication.
Since 1980, the amount of THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and related compounds have been increasing in the past three
decades. In 2012 the THC concentrations averaged at around 16%, compared to averages in 1980 of 4%. Apparently this is evident from Emergency Hospital records, but the consequences vary depending on the tolerance of the user.
There are so many warnings and adverse situations predicted by the scientific community, I am surprised that their comment is not supported by the Medical Society in Jamaica, the head of which is a well known psychologist. In a comment
“of this ‘dangerous’ drug. On February 2, this year , Dr. Dayton Campbell apparently supported by Drs.. Winston Delahaye and Geoffrey Walcott clearly pointed out the traumatic effects and the addiction that it’s use may cause.
On February 2, the “gavel” wrote in the Gleaner that as far back as 1999, Prof Archibald Macdonald pointed out that accident victims often had alcohol and/or marijuana in their bloodstream.

Marijuana is by far the most common illicit drug in the USA, and its increased use as “Medical Marijuana” seemed to have attracted the interest of all persons young and old since 2007.
Briefly, the THC in the drug is found in brain receptors in the ,brain altering co-ordination, mood and perceptions, disrupting thinking and problem solving, , learning and memory.
That IQ is lost between the ages of 13 and 38., is apparent,. The smoke can cause as many respiratory irritation like tobacco, in spite of being recommended for treating pain and epilepsy (though there are many other medications just as efficient, and less addictive).
Now I suppose I could go on and on: But perhaps the answer is to reduce the allowance to one ounce per day; an increase in punishment for greater use; reduction in planting quantity, and other methods that have been tried before. Possibly some compensation for those who will lose their crops is indicated.
(581 words)
Ref: Gleaner Letters, NIH pub: January 2014, The Weed Blog Feb,2015.
©Ramesh Sujanani