Two articles appearing in the NY Times in the past week; they concern the possibility that Modi’s Party may reconsider the religious freedom of its Minorities; clearly no account that the right to worship is written within India’s Constitution.

Whatever victories Modi has achieved, he did with a majority of votes, and I believe the victory of Modi’s is also India’s democratic victory; and any and all claims to access are the people’s right to enjoy as well. Unlike many countries across the world, India is the largest democracy in the world, comprising 1.24 billion persons of most races and religious views. You have pointed out that Modi himself is behind some decision to interfere with the Muslims in his country, by using Hindu activists on the right. This is absolute rubbish, of which you have no evidence or right to assert.
Then you say that Modi has said that Ancient Indian Medical practices comes from Hindu mythology; once again you are talking without ascertaining the facts and extent to which such a statement may arise. This is somewhat careless on your part; are you journalists or gossip merchants? I wish to remind you that the Surgeon General of the USA is a very brilliant man, Dr.Vivek Muruthy recently appointed by President Obama, and he is Indian (from India), and I view Barack Obama as a man of outstanding ability as a president of the USA.
I will say that Sushma Swaraj was indeed out of order in Parliament to make a statement that the ‘’Gita’’ should be the National Sacred Book in India, ignoring all other sacred books from all other religions in India.(Assuming that is what she meant). You actually admitted that India’s development math and science are impressive, and we are to consider Indian mythology as ’fictional’. I am Hindu, and I respect my religion and what is meant by its mythology.

Yet may I remark that so is Greek Mythology, Judaism and Christianity, for I have not seen a Lazarus rise from the dead, or a belief as so difficult as Noah, who carried representatives of all living creatures on earth in his boat the ‘Ark’. All religions have mythical examples of life to show a lesson to living people. Did Ms Swaraj forget that Dr. Ahmed and Mr. Nehru wrote the constitution of India guaranteeing the secular ( non –religious influences) nature of the people of India; who until today as I know enjoy religious freedoms to worship. Mr. Modi is still inexperienced in the vagaries of Political persons who strive for power.
Indeed Muslims use Christianity and Judaism as a basis of their beliefs, for ‘Allah’ the name of God in Islam, comes from ‘el-alah’, which means the ‘religions of the Christians and Jews’. Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism, are all aspects of Hinduism, and this particular religion is a way of life. India is poor, but I see them hard at work rectifying that problem, by the Food Security Act, which should be emulated by all sincere nations; for the right to food, spells the end of poverty.
I would strongly recommend that you apologize for the inaccuracy of your articles to the many Indian nationals around the world, as soon as you can.
Ramesh Sujanani, Kingston Jamaica,; 876-383-6895 (phone)

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