The Climate/Warming conference in Lima, Peru is just completed, and certain decisions are now made. It seems that both Politicians and scientists have come to a common point of view.
Human emissions of greenhouse gasses have caused the Earth to warm over the past one hundred years. They show that heat absorbed by the earth is not balanced by emissions. There has been no hiatus, or pause, or reduction in heat in the Earth’s surface. (Royal Society thought as before)
The oceans of the Earth shows a gradual increase in heat content redistributed within the contents of the Oceans, layer by layer; and while studies in the past have shown there was no increase in Global Temperature, the reality is that the heat spread through large bodies of water in the Oceans. and made no obvious change. The actual change was 0.5 to 1.0 watts per square meter; and this has continued over many years.

Yet no one seems convinced about the amount of energy being stored in the deep Oceans. The leading theory is that the Pacific winds have produced a temporary position similar to an El Nino, operating from South America to Australia, and is called the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO). This creates a natural cooling effect in that region, affecting winds, rain and adverse weather, causing temperature instabilities all over the Western Hemisphere

At the start of 2014 the ROYAL SOCIETY (UK) investigated the issue and the science behind Global Warming, with the intent to see that this issue was real and find evidence to prove, since the data supplied was considered insufficient. They found out that Global Warming due to increasing human existence has been has one of the dominant causes, though not the only cause among the totality of possible consequences.
The UN climate conference indicated in Lima, Peru, that they would act to resolve the problems; as they were satisfied with certain conclusions. An agreement for action was then decided by issuance of a protocol, which acknowledges the progress made.
It authorized that the Protocol would be made a legal issue to all parties, ( countries), addressing mitigation, finance, and technology.
They proposed that the parties involved make a financial contribution to maintain the integrity of the protocol. Developed Countries would make a contribution equivalent to one half of one percent of GDP, to the climate funds capital costs. Then those developed countries will donate through the UN, funds to assist developing nations which are unable to find the resources for capital costs.

It is envisaged that sea walls, breakwater walls, upgrades to more efficient power generation plants; energy alternatives, green power applications (renewable energy) will require major capital investment.
It is then hoped that the achievements will produce a reduction in the cost of fossil fuels, i.e. oil, lpg, cng, whether by a total cost reduction, or simply an efficiency in work application. The use of fossil fuels will be reduced, and similarly the amount of greenhouse gas will also be reduced (Methane and Carbon Dioxide), achieving a reduction in Global warming. This is what the theory promises, that by the end of around 2080 we shall be out of danger, and instead, promoted a new discipline in the production of goods and services.
There is one variable omitted in this analysis; markets have already pushed down the price of fossil fuels, and we are in the favourable situation of getting an early incentive.

(576 words.)
©Ramesh Sujanani


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