Dear Editor,
I refer to a letter in Saturday’s Gleaner, concerning evolution and faith, in which the writer suggests evolution theory has no basis in scientific principles or empirical fact; I am sure Charles Darwin would take offense at that remark, as the writer continues by saying Darwin’s hypotheses have not demonstrably and irrefutably verified.
More than 150 years after Charles Darwin published his theory, evolution remains controversial. Some politicians and religious leaders denounce it and would invoke a higher being as a designer to explain the complex world of living things, especially such specimens as humans, and higher being, like Providence.
Mainstream scientists see no controversy. Evolution is well supported by many examples of developments in various species leading to the diversity of life seen today. In other words, Darwin says humans may be created or evolved from the natural development of similar or competing species, and the consideration of creation may not be necessary.
Religious conviction, the basis of faith, considers intelligent design; meaning that creation was managed by a creature of superior intellect. Sometimes all explanations are true and should be accepted, and there are different levels that need to be recognized before one is accepted. Perhaps a multiplicity of explanations is needed for a resolution that is complicated, as the levels may cross or remain parallel.
Proponents of theology and of science are seen to be committed to keeping both ideas apart. Perhaps Divine Providence was only there at creation, and natural selection was the route taken by the developing species, and there are many permutations if you also include other influences: That is one of the views expounded by a group of scientists.
Atheism and Theism are varying and opposing views that can be difficult to reconcile. If persons would distinguish between levels of explanations, the perceived difference between science and religion would probably disappear. The obvious conclusion is that these levels are not even on the same plane, and are quite unable to intercept. So the levels are not even related to each other and can never interact.
If the evolution theory holds the evolution of man as a relatively recent event in the history of the cosmos, then this process is continuing to the present day. Scripture teaches us that God rested on the seventh day, because he had completed His creative acts, so his work to-day is in the order of providence, and not in a never ending creation process.
Scientists today are studying a fallen world which was once a paradise. We can only view that death and our present suffering is temporary: God’s plan is to restore paradise “with a new heaven and a new earth.” It needs a new course direction that can only be provided by rediscovering the traditional values of creation.

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Ramesh Sujanani